Theory Princess


Kit #1 -- The Keys to the Kingdom

Begin your musical journey by spending only 5-10 minutes per day!

Unlock the "Keys to the Kingdom" with the Theory Princess's first available kit. Short bite-sized videos teach you how to easily recognize ALL the keys on ANY keyboard, plus you'll get an intro to the very beginnings of reading and writing music. Take time to reinforce your new skills by using the custom "Workout" tool, and/or get a little extra practice by using the available "Printables".
Kit1 no1 the mini keyboard

Video #1 -- The Mini Keyboard

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Kit1 no2 whos in the doghouse

Video #2 -- Who's In The Doghouse

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Kit1 no3 grandmas house

Video #3 -- Grandma's House

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Kit1 no4 the complete keyboard

Video #4 -- The Complete Keyboard

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Kit1 no5 the staff

Video #5 -- The Staff

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Kit1 no6 staff and notes

Video #6 -- Staff and Notes

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Kit1 print1 name the keys

Printable #1 -- Name The Keys

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Kit1 print2 drawing notes

Printable #2 -- Drawing Notes

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Kit1 tool1 key namer

Tool #1 -- Key Namer

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